Core values


Rail transport is close to our heart.
Just like our employees. We appreciate each and everyone’s commitment and promote their strengths and interests through e. g. courses in foreign languages and further education.


Rail transport connects people.
We embrace the same connection in our office, as team work is of our prime importance. Our team is made of software developers and engineers, who work hand in hand on the improvement of our product and productivity.


Rail transport should work without any mishaps.
The same applies to our staff. Our compliance culture includes responsibility for yourself and towards others, the rejection of any discriminations, and respecting the law and justice.


Rail transport is the future.
Young talents are the future. At RMCon we therefore promote young masterminds by cooperating with the Technical University of Braunschweig. Furthermore internships or positions for student assistants provide the opportunity to gain practical experiences and insights in our company.


Rail transport enables passengers to make better use of their time.
In order for you to make better use of your working time as well, we create the planning and processes of rail traffic as simple and transparent as possible.


Rail transport is environmentally friendly.
We also pay attention to the preservation of the environment in our office. This includes e. g. telephone and video conferences instead of avoidable travelling. Waste separation and saving paper is self-evident to us. Additionally a regional organic farmer supplies fresh fruit and the milk for our coffee every week.