Personnel profiles

On this page we will regularly present some of our employees: What is their function at RMCon? How do they balance their family life and work? Why did they apply for a job at our corporation?


Jens already gained work experience at RMCon when he was still a student at the University of Hanover, majoring in construction engineering. Afterwards, he directly started working as a permanent employee. Find out more about his day at work and what he likes most about it here.



Martin has been working for RMCon since 2012 and is involved in the development of our software solution RailSys. Find out more about what he likes most about it here.



Sonja is passing the famous Opera House in Sydney regularly at the moment, because she is supporting RMCon Australia over a period of three months. Meanwhile, she has the chance to experience Australia’s language, nation and culture. Find out what she has to report here.



RMCon and IVE mbH work collectively on many projects. This is beneficial for our clients as they receive an extensive service, but also for our employees, who learn from one another. Wanja started working for RMCon after an internship at IVE mbH. Find out more here.