What is your function at RMCon?

I am responsible for the business development abroad. I attend both the acquisition of new clients and the assistance of existing customers. In collaboration with our clients and my colleagues I develop market-oriented strategies and solutions to fulfil the goals of our clients as well as strengthen sustainable railway transportation.

Why did you choose RMCon?

As an engineer I want to create solutions that are both useful and sustainable for mankind. RMCon offers the best and most innovative solution with its know-how and software RailSys at the market for railway operations. Therefore, I am convinced that I am going to reach my personal goals in conjunction with RMCon.

Which project was your favourite?

In my opinion, every project has its own appeal. I find our projects in the Middle East captivating because of their high pace in the planning and realisation. In Asia we transfer our knowledge, which helps the population to get advanced technology, while we make progress with innovative and complex projects in Europe.

What parts of the world have you already visited on your business trips?

RMCon sets high value on the work-life balance during business trips as well, so I have already gotten to know four continents with their different sights and cultures. Especially at the beginning of my career our branch in Australia gave me the opportunity to get to know the language, country and people on the other side of the world.

Why should someone apply for a job at RMCon?

If you want to do creative and innovative work and take on responsibility, you have come to the right place.



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