Information Technology

Due to many years of working on our software RailSys, an innovate IT solution for rail transport, not only have we implemented our rail-bound know-how into a market-leading planning system, but we also gained a thorough store of knowledge in information and communication technologies. We would like to share our knowledge and give you advice.

  • Process analysis

    We examine your existing IT systems with regards to a reasonable crosslinking. The information technology is making lots of progress in a short amount of time, which can result in incompatible systems, because they were purchased at different times. We would like to help you find and close this gap. With RailSys we can offer a software system that is adjusted anticipatory to the current market.

  • Data analysis

    It is important to have access to a good data base to be able to plan rail transport in detail. Nowadays, the execution of many processes is a lot quicker due to digital data processing. We assist you in the digitalisation of the data and the rearrangement of all of the information into a system that is convenient for you and enables you to exchange the data with your co-operation partners or clients.

  • B2B processes

    Did you ever wonder whether you have an effective connection to your clients? We investigate and optimise the communication and planning processes with your clients. RailSys MapPortal enables you and your clients to execute the booking of train paths directly or exchange topical information. Together we will close the gaps in your system.

  • Integration of RailSys

    RailSys can be integrated into your existing system landscape. We determine, which systems can be supplemented by RailSys and to which systems we have to create interfaces. An agile software development is important to us: You and your company are our centre of attention and our development department will match RailSys to your needs.