RailSys Suite

With RailSys we can offer software for a fair price that you can start working with right away to optimise your planning. RailSys constantly follows the idea of an integrated planning system for the rail transport, but also provides a very flexible use for the integration and functionality to consider all of your requirements and needs. Hence, we appreciate your wishes and develop new functions or customise them accordingly.

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Infrastructure Manager

Record your network infrastructure in a detailed infrastructure model that is accurate to the meter. Adjustments are possible at any time and are transferred into all other systems. The size of the track network is unlimited because of the flexible and resource friendly data model. The macroscopic view of your network gives an overview of the network. If you would like to go into detail, you can navigate through either a schematic or a GIS-based display of the infrastructure.

Timetable and Simulation Manager

Drag-and-drop technology in a graphical and interactive user interface allows for an easy and quick planning. All of your changes are tested by the integrated running time calculation and conflict detection, supporting you to create a successful and reliable solution. Checking the use of alternative rolling stock immediately provides you with fresh and updated running times. Any changes to the infrastructure base can be modelled and processed in this system. With the simulation you can directly verify the quality and robustness of your planning.

Evaluation Manager

Statistics show how well your planning works and enable you and your colleagues to communicate the results with your stakeholders. Our Evaluation Manager offers printable graphic results of your planning that can easily be integrated in your reports and presentations. Maps of the entire investigation area give you information about punctuality and bottlenecks. Detailed results can be found in various bar charts, line graphs and tables.

Print Manager

You can put your planning down to paper with the aid of our Print Manager. It supports the output of documents which are generally used in railway companies, such as TSR booklets, position plans and working timetables. The information used in the print doc uments is directly based on your planning results from other RailSys software modules. Of course, you can adjust the layout to your liking.

Database Manager

When working with our multi-user solution, our Database Manager is important for you. As the key interface between your project data in the database and the user, it enables you to manage your system, your data and users with a graphical and user friendly interface. You can comfortably manage the access rights to your data with the help of the group, role and right management. The Database Manager is the central access point to your RailSys Enterprise.


RailSys Workstation

RailSys Workstation is the best solution if your users mostly work on one-person-projects. Our single-user-solution includes every necessary feature for the successful planning of your railway operation. If you prefer a solution, which includes e. g. multi-user options you might prefer RailSys Enterprise.

RailSys Enterprise

If you work on a project in a team, RailSys offers a multi-user-solution. All of the information is saved in a database and constantly updated for every involved user. The integrated role and right management enables you to assign the required rights to each user.

RailSys MapPortal

RailSys MapPortal unites infrastructure companies and transportation companies. As an infrastructure company you can offer train paths and process the selling via our web-based solution. All information is automatically adopted into your data base. Additionally, it is used as the source for topical information by railway operators, as the infrastructure operators can publish all closures and reroutings.

RailSys Workstation RailSys Enterprise RailSys MapPortal
Infrastructure management
Running time calculation
Timetable construction
Slot management
Capacity management
Timetable simulation
Operational simulation
Database Manager


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