RailSys enables a technical as well as an operational planning for railway transport. It directly corresponds to the actual planning and process steps ensuring that each action in the system follows your processes and is transparent. The new and improved design of the graphical user interface that we introduced in RailSys 10 and continue in RailSys 11 accentuates this and supports the workflow.

RailSys Workflow

With RailSys you can control and optimise the whole planning process of the railway traffic, from the first path concepts for a new line to the Ad-hoc-timetable. Get on board wherever you like and ride with us until your project is completed. In all of the planning steps you retain control in the transparent planning process due to important parameters and you generate individual solutions for the rail-bound traffic of the future.

Learn more about each application in RailSys by clicking through the Workflow below.

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  • Existing assets
    • Lines
    • Signalling systems
    • Overhead wiring


  • Restricted utilisations on a daily basis
    • Speed restrictions
    • Closures
    • Shut down of overhead wiring

Running time

  • Rolling stock
  • Insertion of train paths with origin and destination
  • Consideration of stopping patterns
  • Track occupation
  • Each element can be set individually

Timetable construction & Path management

  • Shifting of train paths
  • Additional stops
  • Extension and shortening of stopping times
  • Turnaround and waiting times
  • Coupling and splitting of trains
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Construction management

  • Operation during construction work
  • Rerouting
    • Track section
    • Closures
  • Operational cost increase
  • Report of construction management

Capacity planning

  • Assessment of requirements
  • Capacity consumption
  • Remaining capacity

Timetable simulation & Operational simulation

  • Synchronous simulation
  • Timetable simulation with evaluation and solution of conflicted timetables
  • Operational simulation with evaluation of robustness and quality of timetables planned
  • Comparison of variants

Construction simulation

  • Consideration of works perfomed during the actual operation
  • Rerouting
  • Feasibility study


  • Position plan
  • Working timetable
  • Platform working
  • Transport map
  • Paths per orderer
  • TSR booklet


  • Points usage report
  • Tabular timetable statistics
  • Track statistics
  • Graphical timetable statistics
  • Statistics of level crossings
  • Statistics of obstructions

Data export

Graphics and tables, e.g. in RailSys®XML, XML, TAF/TAP TSI, Excel

RailSys Workflow PDF